Configure EIGRP on the ASA Firewall

Configure EIGRP on the ASA Firewall

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Create an EIGRP routing process

asa-jmcristobal(config)# router eigrp as-num

Configure the interfaces and networks that participate in EIGRP routing:

asa-jmcristobal(config-router)# network ip-addr [mask]

We can configure one or more network statements with this command.


asa-jmcristobal(config)# router eigrp 1
asa-jmcristobal(config-router)# network
Customize the EIGRP Hello Interval and Hold Time

Both the hello interval and the advertised hold time are configured on a per-interface basis.

Step 1.- access the interface to be modified

asa-jmcristobal(config)# interface phy_if

Step 2.- Change the hello interval:

asa-jmcristobal(config-if)# hello-interval eigrp as-num seconds

Step 3.- Change the hold time:

asa-jmcristobal(config-if)# hold-time eigrp as-num seconds

By default, hello packets are sent every 5 seconds and the advertised hold time is 15 seconds (three times the hello interval).


Modify hello interval and hold time for eigrp process id 1

asa-jmcristobal(config)# interface inside
asa-jmcristobal(config-if)# hello-interval eigrp 1 20
asa-jmcristobal(config-if)# hold-time eigrp 1 60
EIGRP verification commands

Displays the interfaces participating in EIGRP routing.

show eigrp [as-number] interfaces 

Displays the EIGRP neighbor table.

show eigrp neighbors

Displays the EIGRP topology table.

show eigrp topology 

Displays EIGRP traffic statistics.

show eigrp traffic

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